Tameem House, 5, 2902-45B, Al Fosool Street, Dubai


Brief history about the company, and our plans for the future.

ABIPI FZC LLC is a supplier and an engineering and service center specializing in the production of pumping units, automatic control systems (APCS), dispatching systems (SCADA systems), iron removal stations, heat exchangers and block heating units.

In providing our services, we are primarily guided by the wishes of our customers.

Considering needs of customers, we taking into account the fact that the cost of providing services should be acceptable, with the maximum possible set of services and operational advantages.

We are not standing still. Our main work principles are constant expansion of the service programs, improvement and modernization of manufactured systems and development of new units or systems for special tasks.

We will solve many production problems to make your work smooth and comfortable.

Best regards, the collective of the ABIPI FZC LLC.

Some of the partners we’ve cooperated with

We are proud to work with our partners, the main drivers of our progress.

Our locations

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A-5802-14, Al Ittihat St, Flamingo Villas, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Tameem House, 5, 2902-45B, Al Fosool Street, Dubai


Pump repair

Pump sales

Pump analysis

Pump stations sales & construction


Production of automatic control systems

Production of control cabinets

SCADA systems production

Installation of automatic control equipment


Water deferrization stations

Containerized deferrization stations

Reverse osmosis stations

Other types of water treatment


Technical consulting

Optimization of design solutions

Technical supervision

Customer support